Quotes from Citizens

“The majority of the income comes from this community, yet none is put back into the community. Plus, we deserve it.”                                                                                             -Marie Webster

“We’ve had experts come and then say the reason our land is eroding is because the design of the bridge. We need an open bridge to get the river flow back to its natural course. That would greatly slow the erosion of our property at CCI.”                                     -Sam Marlow

“It would make transportation a lot easier and safer to the public graveyard.”                      -Jack Marlow

“It would make CCI more accessible, which is important because it’s the community development education center.”                                                                                             -Tiffany Hurst

“If they had the new bridge over there, they wouldn’t have the worry of not being able to get to the clinic or church when the other roads slide off.” (It once took Gayle an hour to get to church, which is only five minutes away)                                                                                 -Gayle Huddleston

“The bridge floods every time it rains hard.  There are houses over there.  People can’t get out of there when the bridge is gone.” – Brenda Partin


One thought on “Quotes from Citizens

  1. If a new bridge were to be built this year or in 2015 it would only Claiborne County 2% of the total cost! TWO percent!!!! Thank YOU Senator Ken Yager for getting this special funding put into place! Please call Bill Fultz/Claiborne County Road Superintendent to request that this bridge be replaced before someone gets hurt. It has NO siderails which is a state requirement and also has no weight limit sign posted. Claiborne County’s priority list has one bridge that leads into Black Diamond on it. This bridge is rarely used and NOONE lives across it and hasn’t for years, Why are they wanting to fix it or widen (spend money on) it when the folks at Eagan need a bridge. The folks living across the culvert in Buffalo, Overton Hollow Rd, also need a new bridge they are stuck when heavy rains come and the land owners that live near this culvert are also losing property because of the erosion. They also have Straight Creek bridge on their priority list . WHY? which BRINGS ME TO MY LAST QUESTION: With the land owner which owns like 80% of the valley making millions, the coal companies making their millions, and Claiborne County making their millions from the coal severance tax: WHY am I eating dust (fugitive dust/particulate matter)? Why can’t the county pave my road? Why do we have the worst roads in the county? Does or would folks support a resolution requiring the county to spend 35-45% of the coal severance tax in the community of Clairfield (ninth district), the area where the coal is taken from?????!!!!!!!????????

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