Quotes from Visitors


College students who visit the community through the work of the Clearfork Community Institute enjoy working on local projects with citizens.  In March 2013, for example, students from Berea College, Notre Dame University, and Auburn University crossed the Y Hollow Bridge going back and forth to work sites.

“It’s obvious to me after spending only a few days here that the bridge is a major problem in this community.  Any heavy rain can cause debris and flooding making it impossible to reach CCI.” ~ Lindsay Steelman, student, Auburn Univerity

“I’m studying Civil Engineering at school so it is extremely unfortunate that this bridge, designed to help the Clearfork Community Institute, is actually hurting the natural environment and preventing the people from gathering.” ~William Geoghegan, student, University of Notre Dame

“One of the goals of the Clearfork Community Institute and Marie Cirrillo is to preserve the land through the presence of the Appalachian people, who have an invested interest. The bridge’s construction is detrimental to their quality of life and is literally destroying the land. If we want the land to remain, we need the Appalachian people to remain, and if we want the people to remain, we must protect their interests.” ~ Gabrielle Lamplugh, student, Auburn University



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