The Y Hollow Road Bridge in Eagan, Claiborne County, TN, crosses the Clearfork River, but it does so with tremendous devastation and unreliability.  The bridge is a relic of times past, when the least expensive option was to build a cement dam with holes to allow water to pass. But the unintended consequences of this type of bridge to the ecosystem–both upstream and downstream–are tremendous. The water explodes through the pipes with extraordinary force tearing away soil from the banks. The minnows and fishes that swim and spawn upstream have little hope of passage.  And when it floods, the people on and along Y Hollow Road are unable to cross the bridge. These citizens pay a tremendous price in damage to property as a result.


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  1. This bridge according to TDOT in 2013 scored approximately a 68 sufficiency rating. A special inspection done this year scored the bridge at a 54. Previous inspections have been higher. Why? Why did the bridge score higher whenNO work has been done on this bridge since it was built in 1975. It also has no side rails and never has, side rails, I believe are a state requirement. It also has no weight limit sign. TDOT’s inspection gave it a 15 max load limit, two loads of gravel weighing 23 tons each, plus the weight of the delivery truck, were taken across this bridge. Who would have been responsible IF the bridge had collapsed?? The county or the state?? The folks that use the bridge are greatly inconvenienced when heavy rains come. They either have to travel Rock Creek Road around to Eagan that is IF they can get through. This road is dangerous especially when it is raining. Most cars could not make the trip. It adds about 30 minutes to their travel time. OR they get to try to cross the long and dangerous railroad tressel down Dilly Lane.
    This sign also has NO sign warning travelers not to cross the bridge during periods of flooding! This bridge is very important to the folks living in this area. It should be a major priority for Claiborne County. The bridge over the past foryt years has caused the stream channel to shift. This shifting has resulted in some very extensive property damage, one land owner has lost a lot of land due to erosion. If I owned the land I’d seek council! Claiborne county should be ASHAMED!!!

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